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13 Desember 2014

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Photo Story: Banda Besar Island, Banda Naira


I'm not really into history. Yes it does fascinating but I'm more a visual person, more into what I can see at the moment even though the story behind something is always give more excitements.

But you can't talk about Banda Islands without speaking about its history, you can't visit Banda Naira without realising how history shaped the city, how buildings and streets around it really connects with the history, and also how the people now as a result of historical moments that occurs in Banda Islands.

Nutmeg plantation in Banda Besar
Nutmeg, photo by Karel Gallas
People in Banda Besar
All started from a nutmeg, the spice that shaped the history of Banda Islands and some places in Indonesia. Banda Besar filled with the nutmeg plantation, source of what even more precious than gold 400 years ago.
Gunung Api, the volcano mountain

But Banda have more than nutmeg, the beautiful Gunung Api (Volcano Mountain) seen from in front of Hollandia Fortress in Banda Besar, the largest island in Banda Islands. It's ironic that the fortress, which is a place where you can see the beautiful view of the strait and the volcano mountain, is also destroyed by the volcanic eruption during year 1743.

Now Hollandia Fortress is only one wall in front of the grand view to the volcano mountain, the rest is ruined. But one thing for sure, Banda Besar is still as beautiful as it might be hundred years ago.

@marischkaprue -for her, photo always tell a story

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  • Banda Naira is located at Maluku. You must take flight to Ambon (round-trip ticket price Jakarta-Ambon about  Rp 2 until Rp 2,5 millions), then continue taking flight to Banda Naira by twin otter plane Aviastar with 17 seat capacity (ticket price Ambon – Banda Naira is Rp 280.000,- one way). But it’s quite difficult to get ticket because of limited seat. Route Ambon – Banda Naira from Aviastar Airplane only available three times a week (Monday, Thursday, Sunday).  
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