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15 September 2020

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Well, still in the middle of the pandemic and since the international travel for leisure is highly not suggested, most of my days spent just staying at home (an apartment actually), playing with dogs (they are really a blessing during this unprecedented time like this), taking photos, video calls, a nearby-open air and quiet place is a once or twice a week escape for me and my sister.

On most days, I find time move fast when I’m online, on time like this is also hard for me to write, a lot of times spent just looking at old photos, arrange and manage the filing and I mostly find a lot of old photos that I’ve never post before.

Here are some photos from out trip in 2019. We were in Seoul and went to DDP (Dongdaemun Design Plaza) just to walk around and take photos. We didn’t know that at the same day, it’s a fashion week time in Seoul, especially in DDP.

It’s always a delight to see awesome looking fashionista and of course, the “mini” gorgeous model!

Definitely not models ha! :)

With the gorgeous kids!!! They're so so so CUTE!