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17 Maret 2013

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10 Reasons Why You Should Try Cruising


Cruising is days of fun and relax combined. I tried cruising with Costa Cruise and spend around 5 days on Costa Victoria. So I highlighted why you should try cruising too:

  • You Have Open Ocean as Your Private View Everyday

  • When Will You Have Hotel Room Which Moves 23 Knot Per Hours?

  • The View From The Top is Amazing

  • Unlimited Supplies of Fine Dining

  • Party Happens Everyday
Party on deck 11 Rigoletto

  • Beautiful Italians on Show Everyday
"Rich and Famous" musical show on Festival Theatre

  • Because Italian Wines are Awesome

  • The Handsome Musician

  • Duty Free Shopping Areas

Bling bling on the shop
  • Because You Can Spend Money like Ocean Eleven
The Casino

With the Italian crew

@marischkaprue - cruising (hopefully) Italian style

  • Costa Victoria is cruising in Asia, from Shanghai, Cheju, Fukuoka and more places in Asia, visit Costa Cruise Asia for more details about the price and cruising trips.
  • For any enquiries, you can email to
  • If you live in Indonesia, you can experience Costa with a little help from Panen Tour, +6221.3855388

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