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14 September 2014

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Double Six Luxury Hotel Seminyak, We Love Luxury


Luxury is in the eye of the beholder. You might think luxury must relate with money, well in my opinion it depend. For those having all they need but dealing with works 24/7, staying at home one day and doing nothing is luxury. For me, doing things you really love is luxury. Jumping from a height with your feet tied up - you can call it bungee to make it sound wow - is a luxury. This place been providing luxury in Bali; before, now and then.

You might remember the only place to do a bungy in Indonesia: double six. Jumping from about 20 meters, with a pool below. Well, now that bungy is not the luxury you can have here, but I'm sure its the luxury everybody loves.

This is one of the greatest hotels to feel in Seminyak, Bali. Where you can see the beach from your balcony and enjoy swimming on fresh water pool, also from your balcony. Double Six exceed my expectation of enjoying a hotel in Seminyak.

Few years back it was the infamous double six club and AJ Hackett Bungy (same company with the Bungy I tried in Queenstown), now the area is transforming to a more enjoyable luxury, no adrenaline rush needed since all you want to do is just enjoy the room and the atmosphere.

The pool is super clear
I'm lucky enough to get the room with a view, a wide terrace and pool access. I can see the pool and the seminyak beach right from my bed. The thing about having these 120 meters long blue pool is that you just want to jump in and get wet all the time but its not a problem, the room is just steps away.

Another thing I love about DoubleSix Luxury Hotel Seminyak is the bathroom. Just see and I'm sure you'll love it. Don't forget the Hermes amenities, a luxury you usually get in a hotel like Sofitel, but this one is owned by Balinese businessmen. It always good to know a great hotel owned by local.

Sunset feeling
From the rooftop, best place to enjoy the sunset!
Its glowing during the night :)

Then again, it's a place to enjoy the luxury of a hotel, and the luxury of a view nature's been providing for us living in Indonesia.

@marischkaprue - her luxury in life is to be able to travel to various destinations

All photos by Ferry Rusli

  •  Double Six Luxury Hotel Seminyak located at No 66, Double Six Beach, Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia 80361. Info and bookings: phone +62 361 730466, email


Unknown mengatakan...

Cakep hotel nya, ini sebelah coccoon yaa. Tapi pasti mahal pake bingits nich hahaha

aqiqah jogja mengatakan...

waow really good for vacation, very recommended sis. thank you very helpful article