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6 September 2014

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Tokyo Disneyland Video Mapping: Once Upon a Time


I believe the Cinderella's Castle is the main attraction in all Disneyland, including in Tokyo Disneyland. I remember when my friend knew I went to Tokyo Disneyland, she immediately asking me to take a lot of photos of Cinderella's Castle and send it to her. It's been a dream castle for almost all girls growing up seeing Disney movies.

See the size of it!
This is what you'll see during the night
The castle is definitely bigger than the castle in some Disneyland in other countries. Its mesmerizing during the day and enchanting during the night since you can see and watch stories of Disney on the castle. Yes, I'm not joking, on the castle, from outside.

Pinocchio and fairy Godmother
Also with those smokes along with the music
The patterns, which continuously “draw” the Cinderella Castle, is a work of projection mapping, a high tech 3D projections which adjusts to the shape of the castle. "Once Upon a Time" is the show projected on this castle, along with the music and fireworks. 

Colorful castle!
All Disney's classic stories will show up, bring again your childhood memories of those Disney characters. From Cinderella itself, until Elsa on Frozen, all combined in harmony with the music. The fireworks make the castle even more "glam," you don't have to be sitting in front to enjoy the show. Its a gala show for everyone even for those seeing from a distance.

In Japan, the sound of the narrator is in Japanese but you simply don't have to understand the languange to feel the show. Its a universal visually mesmerizing show for everyone.

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  • Harga tiket masuk Tokyo Disneyland atau Tokyo DisneySea: 6400 yen (Rp. 743.000,-) untuk dewasa di atas 18 tahun, 5500 yen (Rp. 639.000,-) untuk usia 12-17 tahun dan 4200 yen (Rp. 488.000,-) untuk usia 4-11 tahun. Jika membeli tiket masuk untuk 2 hari akan lebih murah, cek harga tiket selengkapnya disini.
  • Tidak diperbolehkan membawa tripod atau monopod di area Disneyland dan DisneySea, I can brought mine with special permit, namun tongsis yang kecil tentu tidak masalah :)
  • Thanks to Bina Blog and Tokyo Disney Resort for inviting me and gave me special tour. Thanks to Tetsuya Osafune from Bina Blog, Hiroyuki Ishiai and Tsutomu Takeuchi for the nice tour and experience, I'm having so much fun in Tokyo Disney Resort