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30 September 2014

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The Mainstream San Agustin Church


This is one of the mainstream tourist destinations in Manila but hey when you love it you don’t care about that mainstream and non-mainstream idea or whether it would make you less traveler than other. The way to enjoy your travel time is just go wherever you want to go and let all your senses embrace the place.

In this place, my eyes pampered by its delightful architect and interior, I always love Roman Catholic churches even though I’m not there for praying. You can enjoy this building no matter what religion you’re embracing.

look up!

Located in Intramuros area in Manila, Phillippines, San Agustin Church is a perfect baroque-style of Roman Catholic church. Built during Spanish colonial era in Phillipines, San Agustin Church now is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Going inside the church is like a short visit to Europe’s churches with engraved dome and all the details.

Although it’s a common tourist destination, you still gotta behave a bit in this church, however, it’s still a church so don’t speak too loud, wear a proper clothes (shorts are okay), and respect what’s inside of it. You can take a lot of pictures inside but give yourself a time to sit after that and look up, you’ll love what you see.

@marischkaprue – not against the stream, just sometimes