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28 September 2011


my friend said to me..
why people have to call it falling..
why don't we just call that flying, she said..
cause she wants to be in control
control the heights, when to move up, add more height.. or when to get a bit lower, and to be back to the ground as she controls it..

but my dear, when u can control, that's not it..
it called falling cause mostly it hurts.., I said..
but we can't resist that.. it also feels like gravity took you down.. a force of nature, unexplainable.. even Einstein can't describe the right equation for this falling events..

but it depends.. will u fall into a soft-feather like-ground.. smooth.. and the land just embrace you well.. Just a right place to fall..
or might be.. we have to fall into the real hard ground..and it hurts.. so much..
but, again, time will heal.. bruises will fade..
and we'll stand up again,
even though I'll never forget which places took me down, got me fallen..
I just can't wait for my next fall..

cause.. the adrenaline rush, the chaotic on my cerebrum, my subliminal dreams, stomach discomfort, spontaneous blush, the dizzy dance..

all fabulous

I'm ready.. surprise me


Haris mengatakan...

Umhh.. I'm falling for you..

Evan Irianov mengatakan...

"when u can control, that's not it.."
good one..

what about falling of my own blunder?

#nowplaying Saat kau milikku - BLP


Semua Ada mengatakan...

Salam Kenal Dari Saya... Admin dari

ciel mengatakan...

disebut "falling" karena (seharusnya) ada yang "catch"... itu sih menurut gwe -adi-

HILANG SEMENTARA mengatakan...
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gina mengatakan...
Komentar ini telah dihapus oleh pengarang.
adrigabriel mengatakan...

falling tuh asyik lho, rush adrenalin :)

michael pitoy mengatakan...

Teruslah menulis,menulis dan menulis,,memberikan informasi yg akurat&benar adalah suatu pekerjaan yg sangat mulia,,,sukses&GßU...

korup mengatakan...
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Resto Music 25 mengatakan...


Kiki Rizki Rahadiyan mengatakan...

Prue mampir ke blog gw. -

Anonim mengatakan...

respon abis baca posting tante prue yg ini
*merenung* pantes sakit terus!!!!!!

JarzLero mengatakan...

Di buat lagu mantep nih tante prue .. :D

marischkaprudence mengatakan...

Thanks, will do :)

trekkingrinjani mengatakan...
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trekkingrinjani mengatakan...

inspired and admire you! :)