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11 Januari 2015

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Accor Google Glass Experience


It was not my first visit to Singapore, or my first New Year's Eve party. Reaching the age with a 3 as the number in front has been making a new year is just another time passes by.

But this time I can't hide the smile and excitements on my face. We arrived in Changi Airport, went straight to Ibis Singapore Bencoolen and found the reason why I am so excited for this NYE. A simple white box which almost the size of an A4 paper with no pictures, no mambo-jumbo writings on its side, just a simple "glass" on the top.

I saw the Google Glass video on YouTube way before I could try this thing and my reaction was "that is amazing, like a future coming right at you" and there it is, in front of me. The glass and frame, the Google Glass nicely arranged on its box, with simple note of "see" with an arrow to its clear glass (the viewing glass panel), "capture" pointing to the button on the right side, "touch" on its side, "on-off" and "listen."

I hate reading instruction manuals and I believe most people didn't really read that so I just wear it just to feel it and turn it on. First I attached the sunglasses that came along with the package but it makes the looks of the Google Glass wasn't really futuristic so for me Google Glass is better use that way, or if combined with another eyeglasses, must be the clear one in my opinion.

It took time to adjust using Google Glass but in fact it is very simple, a bit long waiting for it to be ready after I turn it on, maybe around 10 seconds or more, I didn't really count how much time waiting but when it's in front of you for the first time, waiting 10 seconds seems so long.

There's touch panel on the right side of the glass
First a “glass” letter appears. What we see is actually only on the right side, so your right eye see that and combined (of course) as one vision perceived by our brain. Google Glass detect our voice, I can say "Okay Glass" then the glass will show options like "Take a photo" "Google (as in Google something" until asking directions and other simple thing which usually took some time and the great thing is I don't have to carry anything, it stick to my head, all I gotta do is just walk, saw something interesting and if I want to take a picture I have options like saying to Google Glass "Okay Glass, Take a photo" or just blink twice, or swipe the right side of the Google Glass (touch panel).

You can share your pov (point of view) directly
Actually it was fun that we can take a photo, record video from our point of view and we can post it directly to twitter or anything attached to our Google Glass settings. I was thinking if I took to many video or photos but 2 GB of RAM I think enough for the whole day, well it's not producing 4K video since it's more about sharing what we see directly.

Glass gave me route from Bencoolen area to Ion Orchard
I might say that the menus are just similar of what was on the smartphone but what makes it interesting is that the display is right in front of my eyes, making the real view of what my eyes seeing blend with the display. I just have to admit that this is really like coming from the future (just like on several science fiction movies I saw few years back and it came into real now). Imagine walking down the street and you're thinking about coffee, just ask google glass "where's the nearest coffee shop?" and it'll give options with an additional map and directions, life made easy!

POV recognize and google information via Google Glass
Some friends ask about how the connection would run on Google Glass, it was basically connected through smartphone via MyGlass application. So the Google Glass gets the Internet connection via Bluetooth. In short, I still have to bring my smartphone to keep the Google Glass connected.

I'm having a three days trial on this Google Glass, to be honest, the first day is exciting but a bit dizzy, I think I wear Google Glass too long and I found an article telling that on first day we mustn't wear more than a few hours due to eyes ability to adjust focus on one eye on the glass display while other eye goes without use.

I must say that Google Glass might be the best eyeglass with integrated display; it's lightweight, easy to use, looks good also. The problem might be on the price; maybe if they cut the price well, I might be seeing a lot of Google Glass on the street, people love wearing things from the future.

@marischkaprue - living in present, seeing a good future ahead

Photos by Ferry Rusli

Ibis Singapore Bencoolen & Google Glass for this NYE through Google Glass experience


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