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18 September 2015

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Photo Story: Another Heaven in Misool: Dafalen


When I say Misool is true paradise, I'm not exaggerating. Having countless of spots that will take your breath away, this southern part of Raja Ampat is a hidden paradise where you'll find many places only for you.

Here are some photos from Dafalen, another spectacular area with cone-shaped mega-rock that came from the ocean with it's perfect surroundings that make this place one of the must visit in Misool

 @marischkaprue - never get enough of Misool.

Photo by Ferry Rusli & me

We're going to Misool again this October, you can also join us. See more detail about itinerary and budget here.


Cumilebay MazToro mengatakan...

Duch duch ducuh ... kece bener dan kapan gw bisa nyampe misol hehehe #Bismillah

Fahmi ( mengatakan...

kapan ya bisa nyantol buat foto-foto di misool dah :D