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14 Desember 2011

Do with passion and You shall have power


Do with passion and you shall have power.
That’s the statement that keeps me running on this shoes, running these job I’m having, running the life I’m living.

Some people work for money, work to keep filling the plate with food, but sometimes, that is not enough.
Yes, some people say they don’t have options, they cannot choose and what they’re doing is what they have to do.

Sometimes we are afraid of losing what we have so we don’t have guts to take a risk.
Sometimes we choose to stick in a line even though the diamond we want is just across the line. Simply just because we are afraid, since inside the line is our comfort zone.

Comfort might give you peace but you aren’t achieving more.
Risks are worth taking, since life always give you options, then the question is are you willing to take it.

How can you have power to do more
If you do not give more effort, more passion?



Another_me12 mengatakan...

Kyaa merasa tersentil sama postingan mu yang ini.

Like the title of your post. I believe that passion is very important as the main motivators in uur job/life.

People need to go out from the comfort zone to grow, to a better, higher level zone but the problem is not everyone has guts to do that. Hahaha. Salut sama diri mu yang nampak sangat antusias dengan pekerjaan yang kamu jalani sekarang.

Sukses terus buat tante prue.

marischkaprudence mengatakan...

@Another_me12 Thanks :D

Olivia D Purba mengatakan...

I love this writing, it really inspired me, seriously!
I will catch my passion. ;)

Thanks M.

marischkaprudence mengatakan...

comfort zone is dangerous indeed

marischkaprudence mengatakan...

Thanks, really happy if this can inspires people :)

tabita shinta mengatakan...

selalu terinspirasi dengan tante marischka

chukalidako mengatakan...

Nice posting. But I still hv question that bugging my mind: comfort zone as to leave or as our life destination?