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31 Desember 2011

Booyah 2012! #power2domore next year!

Here comes again, the last day of the year, another new year to come. People are busy preparing, celebrating the upcoming new things, new year, new whatever they might say, and of course, the resolutions.

People been tweeting, and some are asking, blame @aviantumengkol who asked me over and over again about my new year's resolution. I'm sorry Avian, I'm so lame on making new year's resolution. Then after few days Avian been asking me everyday, now comes the last day of the year. I am thinking hard, what kind of resolutions I can write, and I found.. None.

So I said to myself, okay here comes the last day of the year, but it is just another new day for me, maybe for a month I'll always write "2011" every time I have to write the schedule, then on month two we'll get used to write "2012"

Back to the so called resolutions, most people usually having resolutions, something they wanna achieve next year, some are still having the same as last year's. It's a neo-over and over again. Not that I don't like it, nor that I am skeptic of it, its just I don't have. I am having goals, targets in my life, but not as a new years resolutions..

So in this very last day of the year, I'm just looking back, seeing what been happening in 2011. Then I said, wow, damn- a lot! This year been a roller coaster ride, as in experiences terms, and some changing in life has happened.. Well, maybe 2010 also brought a lot of life changing experiences, but looking back like this, having a flash of a year - 2011 on my mind, it is amazing.

So you might have the not so good year, you might lose someone you love, you might having bad experiences this year, but then, look again how many good things happening, look how many time you've laughed on 2011? I bet you - and I cannot count. So I said, my new year's resolution.. Err, no, no new year, I'll just gonna make it a last-day of the year resolution of mine is spending the last of this year with a smile, maybe a lot of laugh. I'll enjoy the day and date changing moments with cherishing all I have, what I've been through all this 2011.

And on 31 December 2011, at the very 23:59 I'll say "Hey 2011, you rocks!" then we'll scream "Bring it on 2012!" because, just because.. Life is an uncertain journey, what will happen, let it be, just embrace the sweet-sour-spicy kind of life, and I challenge 2012 to gimme the surprises. Lets! Booyah people!!!!

Crazy happy over her 2011, still crazy on 2012- I bet.


Meila Rosianika mengatakan...

hi mbak, im fan of u. Sneng baca blognya =)

marischkaprudence mengatakan...

Thanks, ini gue baru tau cara reply komen di blog X) #gaptekBlog