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8 Oktober 2012

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Where Love Defined, Wiwaha Wedding Chapel


Wiwaha Bali

Have you ever wondered walking on the aisle on a chapel by the beach, see your so-called soulmate smiling with blue sea and sky as background? Seems perfect right?

Some might said a perfect wedding doesn’t defined perfect marriage. Well it is bluntly true. No matter how much money you spend, how great your wedding was, if its not working well it is not. But then again, who doesn't want a dream wedding?

This small chapel will only fit 40 guests max, but when the world is for two, who needs crowd anyway? :)

So here's some photos I took while they're preparing for a wedding for the next day

Wiwaha Bali
Roses everywhere

Wiwaha Bali
Wiwaha wedding chapel
So basically the wedding package rate here is around US$ 2200 until US$ 3100. That will include private use of Wiwaha chapel for one hour. Yes, only one hour. Besides that you'll get flower arrangements, ceremonial certificate and priest or celebrant etc.

If you want more budget wedding here, choose the basic package, it'll save a lot of money. You can use only the chapel and have your party on the cheaper place since it'll quite expensive if you want to have dinner party on Nikko, unless you don't mind the budget.

Wiwaha Bali

Wiwaha Bali
They can remove the cross for non Christian wedding

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Wiwaha Bali

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rental mobil mengatakan...

kerenn... tempatnya romantis buat wedding.. :D

iklan baris tanpa daftar mengatakan...

bagus yah.. mengadakan pernikahan dekat pantai.. patut dicoba nih.. hehheh

PergiDulu mengatakan...

Check Wanasmara Chapel, Ubud. Different from other chapels in Bali because it is situated on the rice paddy field by the Campuhan river. #justInfo ;))

Anonim mengatakan...

keren! tempatnya romantis