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3 Mei 2014

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Much Smile from Maratua Paradise


White pristine sandy beach
Turquoise water
Warm shining sun
This place indeed a paradise

Have I told you I love this place so much?

If you haven't heard about Maratua Paradise, see here, I've shared on my previous blogpost before. Maybe because I'm so much in love with this place, then I got lucky and I can visit this paradise again.

One of my favorite spot is in front of the restaurant, on these red lazy chairs, with beautiful blue sky and turquoise seawater exactly in front of you.

So here I am, sharing my love of this place again..

@marischkaprue - love love love turquoise water



Lynn mengatakan...

You came back here? Aaah I envy you :'')
I went there last March and I miss Maratua already.

Marischka Prudence mengatakan...

Maratua selalu bikin kangen ya Lynn :')

cumilebay mztoro mengatakan...

Model nya cakep haha baju nya pas dengan warna bangku2 nya ;-)
Btw lautnya bening nya kagak nahan jd pingin nyebur2 berenang ;-)

Tony Herdianto mengatakan...

so beautiful

Dara Aulia mengatakan...

no doubt.. kereeen!!
the water like a mirror!!
I wish I could.. update terus pantai2 eksotis kaya Gino di info sist..
sekalian info penginapan Dari yg lux ampe yg cheap. brguna bnget bust referensi. keep goin!!

Farizan Riadhi mengatakan...

Goa-goa di sekitar Maratua juga keren-keren Mbak.