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17 Agustus 2014

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Biking Kelok 44: New Experience


It's been years since the last time I rode a bicycle. Actually, it's been a very very long time since the last time I rode a bicycle. So at first, I was a bit worried when we stopped at the roadside of Kelok 44 in Agam, West Sumatera. I even did a two-practice "lap" before we started.

This #MinangkaBike is a new experience, even though during my childhood, I rode a bicycle a lot and get a lot of wounds also for speeding a lot, my mom not even shocked seeing me going home with bruises or wound and bleeding here and there (ha!). Well, being an adult you are more insecure, I think about crashing the cars, fell down and so many bad possibilities before we started.

the view is just.. relaxing!
But then, as I paddle my bike, going through the winding road with all the green and some yellowish grass and paddy, all the dreads are gone, maybe I am become too excited, it's been a long time and here I am paddling my bike in Kelok 44.

The name itself describes the famous road in West Sumatera. Kelok means winding and 44 shows how many sharp turns on the road. Other than nice air to breathe (even though you'll smell some smoke from the cars passing by), you'll find some monkeys on the side of the roads. Also it's hard not to stop at several places since the view are just beautiful.

If you want to recreate childhood memories biking on the roads with green grass around it, well remember to be careful especially on every sharp turns and get yourself a reward afterwards: a nice coffee with this view.

Oh well, let sip the coffee, shall we?

@marischkaprue - she's on the fun moment in her cycle of life.

  • Biking in West Sumatera is one of the activity at #MinangkaBike a program from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economics to promote West Sumatera as a tourist destination. See more about destinations in Indonesia in
  • Again, thanks to Mad Alkatiri the initiator, let's do more projects in the future!


lensa pena mengatakan...

Saya suka sekali dengan blog ini ... poto-poto langitnya keren. Di tunggu postingan selanjutnya ya mbak .... salam bloggers ...

Tekno Bolang mengatakan...

Keren mbak...sukses selaluuu

Irfan mengatakan...

Kayanya #MinangkaBike ini sukses bikin kepengen pergi ke sana.hahaha.. Ajak-ajak mba kalau ada trip sepedaan lagi :))

Fahmi mengatakan...

kereen, mau juga sepedaan kalau pemandanganya seperti itu :D

Silva Yunus mengatakan...

Hi. Selamat malam. Aku mencintai posting Anda? Anda yang mengambil foto dengan secangkir kopi di tangan? Aku menyukainya. Voces memproduksi kopi ada di wilayah tersebut? Saya dari Brasil dan bekerja dengan kopi. Saya ingin mengambil gambar dengan kopi saya ada di wilayah Anda. Ingin tetap berhubungan dengan e-mail? Hugs