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6 Agustus 2014

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Underwater Photo: Project Batik


So after almost a year, Ferry and I finally push our self to do another underwater photo-shoot. This time we got better pool with better visibility so the result is different with the previous one.

I only use black mini dress with a batik fabric as a highlight of the photo. Tried using the high heels underwater but it seems hard to manage a bit swimming with those heels so I only grab it most of the times, gotta work more on that :)

Anyway, I'm happy with the result, tell me your opinion about these photos, we'll be posting more underwater photos later, hopefully we can do more projects also.

All photos by Ferry Rusli, you can see his amazing works here on his blog or Instagram
Make up by Kathleen Claudia
Black mini dress by Stupidroom
Gigs zebra shoes
A batik fabric from Solo

 @marischkaprue - feeling happy underwater

  • If you want underwater photo too, you can simply contact Ferry through his twitter account here
  • For make up, wardrobe collaborations on our next project, you can contact me through my email 


Lynn mengatakan...

beautiful! coba next project pakai gaun panjang yang ringan jadi bisa terbang2 roknya hihi~

anyway ini backgroundnya pakai kain putih gitu ya kak?

NiaNastiti mengatakan...

Luar biasa mbak, keren banget terutama foto yang terakhir :)

Marischka Prudence mengatakan...

yes next time pake gaun panjang hehe
backgroundnya pake kain putih :)

Thank you, fotografernya hebat :D

Hena Wirasatya mengatakan...

Biutiful, Mbak. :D

Anonim mengatakan...

Prewed gitu kayaknya kereeeen ya kak :D