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10 November 2014

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Dealing With Komodo For Dummies


Everybody has been saying things about Komodo, from how dangerous and how its saliva filled with enourmous bacteria, or how to run when a komodo dragon chases you, and all other things. One thing for sure, most people scare the shit when komodo approach (including me), but what to do just to enjoy your komodo encounter moment, well here we are..

It's a komodo, not a crocodile

"I'm not a crocodile, I'm way cooler than that!"
Maybe some people are really bad at recognizing shapes but I do feel like there are big differences between komodo dragon and crocodile. They both are dangerous but well, they are totally different. So before you hit the land of komodo, it would be nice to google a bit about komodo, at least the image so you'll know and not making any stupid statement (some does).

It's a komodo, not a dog

remember, only rangers can go this close
Those komodo might seem proffessional (wrote that on my previous post, here), but it's still a wildlife creature, which are totally dangerous to approach carelessly. Remember one thing, even though it might look like a slow moving creature, it actually can run fast, about 25 kilometers per hour.


He's your buddy here
Just like diving, you cannot meet up with komodo alone. There are rangers who will accompany you seeing this magnificent creature on it's own habitat. Rangers will tell you what to do, when to move and all the rules to keep you safe. Also, don't get too far from the ranger.

Calm and Confident

Sudden movement always attracts most predators, including komodo dragon. Don't just suddenly run when the komodo walk towards you, just slowly walk to keep the distance as what the ranger would tell you to do.


I can assure you that I'm able to run with this outfit
Any outfit would be okay as long as you can still move and run on it. Don't use heels since you're entering a forest and hills, also you cannot run on those heels don't you?

Red doesn't mean Not

Lazy komodo is lazy, maybe she's on her period

Some girls cancel their trip to Komodo or Rinca Island because they're on their period. Many believes that blood attract komodo dragon. It might true on some ways but you can still visit those islands and see komodo live during your period, BUT (yes, there's but) you have to tell the ranger, so they will provide special attention to you and you should be on the farther more distance with komodo than others. As long as you obey the safety rules, it's safe.

Emergency Zig Zag

They can go from slow walking to run fast immediately
This might appear on Mr. Komodo's instagram with the caption: "lunch"
Let's go to the worst case of komodo chasing you. There are two options: run zigzag since komodo dragon cannot switch direction instantly, or climb a tree. But other than those two, it always better avoid that by obeying those safety rules.

Now let's meet the dragon, shall we?

@marischkaprue - she's a lion, not a dragon

  • Anda dapat melihat langsung komodo di habitat aslinya di Pulau Komodo dan Pulau Rinca di Taman Nasional Komodo, Flores, NTT
  • You can see komodo dragons on their natural habitat in Komodo Island and Rinca Island in Komodo National Park, East Nusa Tenggara.
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More about Komodo and RINCA ISLAND, see here  



Unknown mengatakan...

Hahaha, the photo with a "Lunch" caption, is funny, awesome!

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Ronan Brayden mengatakan...

Nice post! Thanks for sharing the post that how can we deal with Komodo, while traveling in Komodo National Park. This will be helpful for readers who are planning for Komodo Island day tours.