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12 November 2014

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Fly in Luxury: Qatar Airways Business Class Experience


We gotta admit it, long flight is exhausting. Spending more than 7 hours sitting on the plane is boring, tiring and just something we have to deal when traveling to far destination.

I always consider myself lucky to be able to experience different things in life, including this luxurios flight with Qatar Airways on my trip to Switzerland. The flight from Jakarta to Zürich takes more than 14 hours. It's 8 hours flight from Jakarta to Doha then waiting three hours transit before taking 6,5 hours flight Doha to Zürich.

Happy seats :)
On this trip, I couldn't complaint at all. Why? Business class makes everything different. It's already different in Soekarno Hatta International Airport which all business and first class passenger will have dedicated check in lounge where you don't have to stand waiting. Also, after the check in counter, there is a dedicated immigration line then straight to the executive boarding lounge.

I put a lot of things inside
If you usually fly in economy (which what I normally do), business class is a big deal. Get in and it's hard to hide the happiness and joy of having spacious seat with pleasant entertainment on board. Also, I love that there are lots of small compartments to store our things, like the bags, mini pouch and everything we usually carry on board.

Food will come in a moment, just be patient

Another different thing, of course is the menu. There are more selections of menu, from starters to dessert, I cannot even finish them all, it's a huge meal so on my next flight from Qatar to Zürich, I skipped the starters considering that I don't have that much space on my stomach.

Full reclining seat, just add pillow and blanket :)
Then, my favourite part on being in business class is no other than full reclining seat. This seat makes everything, yes everything, is better, way better! Anytime you feels like wanna go sleeping just push a button and the seat would go full recline, voila! a mini bed ready for you. Or maybe if you just want to straighten your backbone since sitting even though in comfortable seat is tiring when you do it more than few hours.

Doha airport
Food on the restaurant

Al Mourjan Business Class Lounge

Six hours were like a snap moment; I easily fell asleep as well so we arrived in Hamad International Airport in Doha, Qatar to wait around three hours before boarding to Zürich. Laila from Qatar Airways accompany us to Al Mourjan Business Class Lounge in Doha. It's a wide lounge with all facilities on it, from a game room, restaurant (all free, it's already included on the ticket), baby room, quiet room for sleeping, meeting and even family rooms.

I only use the shower room which is like a shower room in a hotel, so it is more decent and pleasant for showering before taking off again, taking shower always refreshing anyway.

Then the next flight, which is Doha to Zürich, is event more pleasant since I got the seat next to the window and because the plane is smaller than our plane from Jakarta to Doha, I got a private line with nobody beside me, it was only one seat beside the window and also the aisle, best seat I think ;)

Patrick also loves the business class seat, we took this photo during the flight back to Jakarta from Doha
Again, another 6 and a half hours is no problem when you're in Qatar Airways business class. It's comfort, luxury and pleasure on board!

@marischkaprue - experiences during travel is the luxury on her life
Thanks to Qatar Airways for this super comfortable and pleasant experience

For similar experience, you can see Qatar Airways website here, Qatar serves about 142 route destination.


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