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8 Mei 2016

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No, it's not a movie title; my bestfriend is getting married (already, it was months ago, I need to ask for her permission to post her wedding here, ha!)

The beautiful bride
Anyway, Putri Ayuningtyas and I have been friends since I start working on news television -- maybe 8 years ago? Damn, we are OLD! **Sudden struck**

Follow me to Putri & Buyung's Wedding
Even "koh" Ferry dressed in Balinese style
As half Balinese and half Javanese, Putri been going back and forth, Jakarta - Ubud almost all the time between her hectic working schedule. Some of her family is in Ubud and she's been visiting Ubud frequently especially for cultural ceremonies. I always knew that she'll have her special day in Ubud, and I've been expecting that also since I really want to see Balinese traditional wedding.

Balinese vibes

Anyway, her wedding is actually in Javanese, all those interesting step-by-step Javanese wedding ceremony that took two days. The interesting thing is the ceremony took place in a Balinese venue in Royal Pitamaha, Ubud, Bali. So the feel of the decor and ambience is so Balinese, while ceremonies are Javanese, it's nice to see and feel fusion ambience. Also, her wedding is BEAUTIFUL! Look at this place, her traditional dresses, make up and everything, it's so beautiful, so nice, simply love it! And I'm just stairs away from my room (benefit of staying at the same place, ha!).

When I stepped into the venue, I know that I want to share the photos to all of you, it's so beautiful, yet down to earth. It's simple but memorable.

So here are the photos, and also you can congratulate Putri on her instagram account here (even though it's been so late hihi).

At the end of the day we gather on a simple dinner. Everybody saying honestly cute and sweet things to Putri and Buyung (actually bride always got the sweet words, not the groom LOL).

I hold my wine glass, saying this "You know I'll always on your side"

Well, not always actually, not when I'm taking picture, I need better angle :)

@marischkaprue - she took a lot of pictures and foods on her bestfriend's wedding


Ren mengatakan...

wow nice photo!

Unknown mengatakan...

gambar dan suasana nya sungguh cantik dan hebat!

Unknown mengatakan...

Trus kak prue kapan nyusul ???? #Kaburrrrr

Obat Tradisional GBS mengatakan...

Kapan nyusul nikah? hahaha :D

Rosanna Simanjuntak mengatakan...

Semakin membuatku ingin ke pulau Dewata.
Mereguk pesona dan membalutnya ke dada.
Thank you for sharing,

OWMO mengatakan...

pengen dapet kondangan di bali juga nih...

fanny fristhika nila mengatakan...

aiiih, aku suka bajumu mbak pru... pita orennya bikin kebaya simple terlihat chic dan elegan gitu :)

Unknown mengatakan...


diarysivika mengatakan...

Keren ya UBud selalu cantik diambil dari sudut manapun

Unknown mengatakan...

Kapan nyusul Mba Marischka soalnya jalan2 mulu nih kayaknya. Foto selfienya jangan bareng whale shark doang sama yayangnya juga :D