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30 Maret 2015

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Photo Story: 6 Things To Do in Waiheke, New Zealand

These are what you can do in Waiheke, New Zealand. Guarantee that it's gonna be fun!

Ride the Long Zipline

See Where the Hippies live

not here!
NOT here either!
here's where they live

Helicopter Ride back to Auckland

@marischkaprue - there are more than 6666 things to do in her life

PS: click each title for more details :)

Photos by Ferry Rusli


Vonny mengatakan...

wahhhh love the view <3 kece banget ya NZ.

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Sang Penikmat Film mengatakan...

Wowwwww... keren bangeeed..

Cumilebay MazToro mengatakan...

Aku ngiri ama naik helikopternya, duh penasaran banget dalam hidup gw naik helikopter :-)

obat herbal bopeng di wajah mengatakan...

sangat menarik..

kudutau mengatakan...

jalan-jalan teruusss ...