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13 Februari 2014

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5 Romantic Place to Visit With Your Partner


It's Valentine's Day! Let say you're not a romantic person and you need romantic-boost feeling on your vein and heart. Here are five places you'll feel romantic, especially when you spend with your loved one.

1. Ora Beach, Seram Island.

What can I say, this place is just breath taking. The clear water, the mesmerizing cottages, the sunset and oh, the turquoise sea, Ora beach is a perfect getaway with your love one without afraid of any disturbance, you're far away from the noisy city anyway and this place only provide about 6 cottages. So don't worry, there will be no loud voices, no rush and just enjoy the moment.

It's a villa for wedding but you don't have to be married to enjoy this romantic villa. Privacy is the key in Noah Chapel Villa, only three room buildings; each is separated on this private area. Don't expect beach since it is located in the hills of Ungasan, Bali, but who need beach when you can just dip in the private beautiful pool like this?

3. Jailolo Sunset, West Halmahera.

Have I told you that Jailolo have the most beautiful sunset I've ever seen in my whole life? It's time to say it again. Grab your ticket, go to Jailolo in West Halmahera, went to several romantic sunset, there are too many beautiful sunset in Jailolo but my favourite is Bobanehena and Arugasi. The moment you and your loved one see this sunset, oh well, it's beyond romantic.

4. Hobbiton, New Zealand.

It's not only fun game strolling around hobbit houses, but it also romantic during evening. The green area became magical when it almost sunset, the surreal feeling in the hobbit land. Just went to Bilbo Baggin's house and spend time sitting in front of it with your partner. Feel the romance before Sauron spread the darkness.

5. Rinjani, Lombok.

I assume your partner is not a spoiled brat who wouldn't even step on a mountain. Rinjani is one of the greatest place to feel how great God's love to you. Let say you're not a religious person (well, so do I), but Rinjani will make you feel that this world is amazing, the nature is tremendously beautiful. Spending time in Rinjani with your love one woud be killer moment.

@marischkaprue - visit three places on this list with her loved one


esterefa mengatakan...

I wish someday I'll go those places with my loved one :)

Thank prue! I am your fans!

Marischka Prudence mengatakan...

I give amen to that! :D

aww thanks Ester, seneng blog ini di visit hihi ^^

Aprilia Rachmadian mengatakan...

So sweet Kak Prue. I put all of those destiny on my bucket list *crossfinger* ;)

Munawar Khalil mengatakan...

Aaah..ngiler..coba skripsi uda jadi, gw jual sapi buat kesana. Haha
Grazie prue.

Dwi Hertanty mengatakan...

Hi dear, your blog recently has inspired me, wanna go to West Halmahera with my future husband.


depz mengatakan...

kak prue!

dengan bangga saya bilang, awal bulan kemarin saya dan istri "honeymoon" dengan nanjak rinjani.
romantic, gokil dan awesome journey we had there
how cool is that? :D