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5 Januari 2016

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For me, traveling and an action cam have become inseparable. A small-but-tough camera has become a must bring item every time I travel.

A few months ago, I got a chance to use the Sony Action Cam 4K, FDR-X1000V to capture my trips. There is still a lot more to say about this action cam, but here are my thoughts on the Sony Action Cam based on my experience so far:


With slim dimensions (about 9cm x 5.5cm x 2.5cm), it took some time to adjust using the Sony Action Cam, but we can do framing easily with the Live-View Remote Kit that’s included in the box. We can set the mode —­ still image or video — and of course, record-and-stop using the small Live-View Remote Kit that looks like a hand watch, which makes recording adventure activities easier.

Meanwhile, for operation without the Live-View Remote Kit, Sony Action Cam has two buttons on the side, a record and hold button on top of the camera and the indicator screen is on its left. The Sony Action Cam will automatically turn on when we push any button.


One of the functions which makes using the Sony Action Cam a breeze is that the camera automatically pairs with our smartphone (we just have to set the password the first time) as long as the Wi-Fi on our smartphone is on, so we don’t have to open the Wi-Fi and connect again every time we want the Action Cam to pair with our other devices. It’s the same thing with the remote kit —­ as long as the Live-View Remote Kit is on, it'll connect with the Sony Action Cam. Also, if you turn off the Live-View Remote Kit, the Sony Action Cam will automatically turn off when not in use, saving battery power.


Equipped with a ZEISS® Tessar® Lens, images from the Sony Action Cam are sharper and clearer than ever before. We can get 8.8 MP (3952x2224) still images, or 2.1 MP photos from interval photo mode. What I like about this camera is when it takes interval photos, the images are still clear; on some other action cams, photos are blur because of movement while taking interval photos. Sony Action Cam’s SteadyShot electronic image stabilization makes photos sharp and clear even while taking underwater selfies :)


I think this is the BEST PART of the Sony Action Cam 4K; the quality from this small camera is fantastic! Yes, I tried recording video with this camera and the result is so sharp and clear. I love the color balance also. Even when recording on non-4K settings, the quality is amazing. See a sample video here:

Here are the video resolutions available on the Action Cam:
  • MP4: PS: 1920 x 1080 60 p / 50 p
  • MP4 HQ: 1920 x 1080 30 p / 25 p
  • MP4 HS120 (HS100):1280 x 720 120 p / 100 p
  • MP4 HS240 (HS200): 800 x 480 240 p / 200 p
  • MP4 STD: 1280 x 720 30 p / 25 p
  • XAVC S 120 p: 1920 x 1080 120 p / 100 p
  • XAVC S 240 p: 1280 x 720 240 p / 200 p
  • XAVC S 24 p: 1920 x 1080 24 p
  • XAVC S 30 p: 1920 x 1080 30 p / 25 p
  • XAVC S 4K 24 p: 3840 x 2160 24 p
  • XAVC S 4K 30 p: 3840 x 2160 30 p / 25 p
  • XAVC S 60 p: 1920 x 1080 60 p / 50 p


No need to use any additional filter, look at the natural colors!
Action cams usually need an additional red filter for underwater shoots, but the Sony Action Cam already has a “water mode” that automatically adds red color that is usually faded when in water. This water mode gives natural color when filming, just like what we see when we snorkel or dive.

PS: For deep underwater use, you’ll need an optional dive door that will allow you to use the Sony Action Cam at an amazing 60 meters. The normal waterproof case is good to go till up to 10 meters, but to get sharper images and videos underwater you’ll need the dive door.


Every action cam needs accessories to be able to take different points of view, and this is no exception with the Sony Action Cam. There are a lot of options provided by Sony, from a monopod (In Indonesia we usually call it “tongsis”), head mount, chest mount harness and even a backpack mount, you can choose depending on what you need. My favorite is of course the monopod that is easy to use and allows for different framing during recording with the Live-View Remote Kit when traveling.

Took this selfie using Live-View Remote for framing, then just click!

Of course there are pluses and minuses. The PLUS is of course the quality of the Sony Action Cam! I'm amazed with the result (never thought its video could be so sharp and clear. I definitely will always use this Action Cam to record my activities while traveling), it's also easy to connect to Wi-Fi, and it automatically turns off when not in use (no more overheating action cams). This allows it to spend less power, conserving more battery power for the whole day.

The MINUS is that I wish it could have a smaller LCD for framing. During underwater shoots, we cannot carry the Live-View Remote Kit, so I have to frame the composition based on my feelings. Even though it's super wide (so most photos are in good composition), but for me framing before recording is also important to get great photos or videos. Hopefully Sony will work on this for the next generation of Action Cams :)


If you're looking for an action cam with high quality, the Sony Action Cam is perfect for you!

@marischkaprue - ready for more actions!


Cumilebay MazToro mengatakan...

Ah ... kamu sudah berpaling ihik ihik ihik
Tapi hasilnya keren yaaaa :-)

Moch Wingga mengatakan...

Tinggal review action cam yang bentar lagi muncul kak :D

Rico Sinaga mengatakan...

Sepertinya perlu di coba. Tajam banget gambar nya ya kakak

Sitirahma Desmarleni mengatakan...

dibandrol dengan harga berapa mbak prue?

Yudi Randa mengatakan...

harganya kaka.. jadi klo tahu kisaran harga kita2 kan bisa bandingin dnegan model sejenis dari merek lainnya

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hasilnya jernih yaa..

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