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11 Maret 2014

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My Heels VS Auckland


I always love to stroll around a city

A city so nice and welcoming

Shops and streets where you can enjoy

Blue sky and random people

A city with mixed culture

Places we can stop and shop

Walk and taste

Where sunlight kisses your hair

Road to stroke my heels

This Auckland is warm

Sunny and happy

I might enjoy more than a walk

@marischkaprue - traveling in heels in Auckland

Photos by Ferry Rusli


Unknown mengatakan...

keren kakkk

Anesa Nisa mengatakan...

keren abiss..
ya dressnya, heelsnya. olah fotonya juga.

aprilianianita mengatakan...

kereeen ociiin <3

Unknown mengatakan...

selalu seru baca ceritanya tentang travel kemana aja..ditunggu cerita berikutnya ;)