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21 Maret 2014

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Steal Recipe: How to Make Maki Sushi 巻き寿司


So during my last visit to New Zealand, I got a chance to learn a bit how to cook in Sachie's Kitchen. Sachie Nomura is a Japanese who's been living in NZ since the mid 90's. She accompanies us during our visit, making our trip remarkable and yummy.

feels like Masterchef! :D

Last but not least, when you're in Auckland with Sachie, one thing you should steal is her recipe! She has a cooking school that makes us feels like we're in the Masterchef! Few things about Sachie, she's talks a lot, laugh a lot, a bit crazy ha! But one thing for sure we can't stop enjoying her presence on our trip.

very serious listening to our 'sensei' haha
I'm not a chef, nor a cooking expert. I can only cook rice, instant noodle and water (yes, that's also why I'm a travel blogger, not a food blogger). Despite my very low skill in making food, I joined Sachie's Kitchen as a "one day student."

Sachie showing her Maki Sushi 巻き寿司 wohoo!
One most interesting menu is the Maki Sushi. I always think making sushi is extravagantly hard (for me). But I managed to make a bucket full of nice looking and yummy sushi. So we steal Sachie's recipe (she gave us actually, but 'stealing' sound more appealing for this blog, psst!).

And here are her words and details of making Maki Sushi, taken from Sachie Nomura:

"Making a sushi roll is just like riding a bicycle. Once you know how to do it, then the skill is yours forever. If the first one doesn’t come out right, don’t worry! Try again, practice makes perfect!" - Sachie
Makes: Preparation Time: Cooking Time:
16 pieces (2 rolls) 10 minutes
10 minutes
400-420g of white cooked rice (short / medium) 3 Tbsp sushi vinegar
2 Nori sheets (seaweed)
Salmon & Avocado roll:
150g Salmon, raw sashimi-grade, cut into strips 1/4 Avocado, sliced
Tuna roll:
1 small tin of tuna
2 Tbsp Japanese mayonnaise 1/8 Cucumber, cut into strips 1/8 Capsicums, cut into strips
Garnish: Sushi ginger Wasabi
Soy Sauce
1.Put warm / hot cooked rice in a large non-stainless steel bowl. Pour the sushi vinegar over and mix well (Tip: when mixing, use a cutting rather than a stirring motion, otherwise the rice becomes very mushy. Try to coat each rice grain with the sushi vinegar).
2.Cover with wet cloth and set aside
Step 1, put two handfuls of sushi rice on the seaweed
To roll sushi:

1. Place a Nori sheet on top of sushi rolling mat. Wet your hands (this is to avoid having rice
sticking to your fingures!) put two handfuls(160g) of sushi rice on the seaweed.

2. Spread the rice evenly but leave a 1cm gap at the top of the seaweed

Step 2: put vegetables, salmon and avocado on top of the rice
3.Place Salmon and avocado on top of the rice, near the bottom end of the seaweed.
and cut!
4.Lift the bottom edge of the mat upwards and over the filling, using your fingers to keep the
ingredients in the centre of the roll. As the rice meets the nori, squeeze the roll to make it firm and lift the top edge of the mat out to stop it getting caught in the roll. Continue until the roll is complete.
5.Wet your knife with water and cut each roll into 8 pieces and serve with soy sauce and wasabi.
Tadaa! My sushi! I managed to make these! :)

How it looks? Mine looks good though. I have a right to brag a bit about it :)

@marischkaprue - consider cooking is still not her thing, but eating is.

Photo by Ferry Rusli

  • Sachie's Kitchen Located at Suite 1.4, Axis Building, 91 St Georges Bay Road, Parnell, Auckland, New Zealand
  • Contact Sachie's Kitchen via phone number: +64 (0) 9 302 7680, or email


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