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20 Oktober 2014

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Embracing Nature at Palawan: Photo Story


When was the last time you saw a butterfly? Well, for those living in a big city, it's very hard to see even one butterfly. But here, butterflies are flocking everywhere, it's their home where they can fly, perch on some flowers or leafs and just an eye candy to see these light beautiful creatures.

Here in Butterfly Eco Garden which located at Santa Monica, Puerto Princesa City, Philippines we can see a lot of butterflies, flowers, birds and even the neatly arranged butterflies cocoon.

Just a three minutes walking distance from the Eco Garden, you can see the Tribal Village. It's actually a small display village where the entire tourist can see Palawan's indigenous people. You can try their traditional musik instrument also, even though I'm suck in music, at least I've tried my best :)

Palawan is a great place to embrace nature. From Eco Garden, you can head to south road of Puerto Princesa, to Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center. It's actually a shelter for crocodiles captured by human. To avoid the killing by people who captured the crocodiles, here in Palawan Wildlife Rescue, they "rescue" the captured crocodile, put them here so it can continue life without having to compete to get the environment. One crocodile named Valentino and weighs about 500 kilograms; just imagine how big he is.


Well, if you're not a reptile lover, just go further in this place and you can find the fluffy bearcat or in local languange they called it binturong. Well it looks like a bear but the size is just like cats so it describes the name. Even though it might seems cute and fluffy, you cannot hug them since sometimes they can be agressive and the Conservation Center tries to keep them away from human touch and interaction to keep their wild side.

So, do you want to embrace nature here? :)

@marischkaprue - just a normal nature lover

  • Thanks to Philippines Department of Tourism, see more about Philippines on their website here


Avellia Anwar mengatakan...

such a pretty place

visit mine,
Miss Aa

KARINA ARKAN mengatakan...

aaaaaaa yaampun itu toh yang namanya binturong, lucu bangeeeettt!!!
ada gak sih di indonesia kak?