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27 Oktober 2014

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Another FUN photos with the Jellyfish: Lenmakana Lake, Misool


I think I’ll never get enough of the stingless jellyfish, seeing how cute they are and be able to swim around them without fear of the sting is just tremendously fun!

So this is my second visit to Misool, West Papua, and the stingless jellyfish lake in Lenmakana is my favourite. Climbing the rocks to reach the lake is nothing compare to the fun you can get here. Imagine swimming around this jellies cutey!

During my last visit to Misool (you can see here), I told myself, it would be great if I get some photos with these jellyfish wearing a dress, well at least a mini dress. So, I brought a mini dress and it’s not hard at all, just have to put it on my dry bag, wear it when I arrived at the lake and voila let’s have fun and take some photos!

Apparently I was too tired that day and free dive without fin a couple times drained my energy so when Ferry told me to go below near those jellyfishes, I was too tired to do that and just taking some photos near the surface, but this lake is just fascinating so we got some fun photos.

I edit the photos, turning the color of the lake into black and here it is, hopefully you would like the photos :)

@marischkaprue - always having fun with the (stingless) jellyfish

  • Ubur-ubur di Danau Lenmakana ini sangat rentan karena tidak memiliki pertahanan diri dalam bentuk sengatan, sentuh dengan hati-hati dan jangan diangkat keluar dari air.
  • The jellyfish here are so fragile since they don't have any sting to protect themselves. Touch carefully and don't lift them out of the water.
  • Misool terletak di area Selatan Raja Ampat. Misool adalah salah satu pulau dari 4 pulau utama di Raja Ampat, area di Pulau Misool dan sekitarnya ini juga disebut Misool.
  • Misool located in the southern area of Raja Ampat. Misool is one of the 4 main islands in Raja Ampat. The area around Misool Island is also called Misool.
  • Untuk menuju ke Misool ambil penerbangan menuju Sorong. (Penerbangan Jakarta - Sorong biasanya via transit di Makassar, budget Rp. 4 juta PP). Dari Sorong dilanjutkan dengan speed boat selama 4-5 jam perjalanan.
  • To reach Misool, take a flight to Sorong (Flight from Jakarta to Sorong usually via Makassar. The usual ticket price for return ticket Jakarta - Sorong - Jakarta is around 350 USD). From Sorong you can continue with speed boat, around 4 to 5 hours boat trip.
  • Terdapat homestay Harfat Jaya di Pulau Harapan Jaya, Misool dengan budget sekitar Rp. 400.000,- hingga Rp. 500.000,- per orang per hari.
  • There is a homestay in Harapan Jaya Island, Misool. Harfat Jaya homestay cost about 34 USD to 43 USD per person per day.
  • Sewa kapal ke Misool sangat mahal sehingga untuk mendapatkan budget trip sekitar 6 juta selama 5 hari, anda harus share hingga 20 orang dalam satu kali trip. Lebih baik ikut penyedia trip seperti Wisata Raja Ampat yang menyediakan Misool Trip dengan budget di bawah Rp. 6 juta (exclude tiket pesawat). Contact Wisata Raja Ampat di +62852 960 43961 atau PIN BB di 2A495979. Trip biasanya diadakan 2-3 kali dalam setahun, antara di bulan Mei, Oktober dan Desember.
  • Renting a speedboat to Misool is highly expensive, to get a 509 USD budget for 5 days exploring Misool, you will need to share speedboat cost with around 20 person on one trip. I suggest you to join open trip such as Wisata Raja Ampat who provide Misool Trip with budget under 509 USD (exclude plane ticket). You can contact Wisata Raja Ampat through +62852 960 43961 or Blackberry PIN 2A495979. The trip usually takes time in May, October and December.
  • Penginapan yang tersedia hanya homestay, pilihan lain adalah Misool Eco Resort dengan rate Rp. 5,8 juta per orang per hari. 
  • The only accomodation available is homestay, for more comfortable choices you can stay at Misool Eco Resort with rate around 492 USD per person per day.
My visit to Misool is a collaboration with Google+ and Indonesia Travel
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