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1 Oktober 2014

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The Story of a Traveling Star named Patrick


If you follow my Instagram feed day-by-day you will see that I bring a doll during my trip, well in most of my trip especially lately. The weird star shaped with eyes and a smiley face is Patrick Star. If you're a fan of Spongebob Squarepants, you must know this funny Patrick. Well, if not, I recommend you to watch, it's fun for all ages.

How Patrick landed at my place

Despite I am a fan of Spongebob series, I didn't really buy a lot of Spongebob's characters. I love the series but only to watch but then one of my closest friend, Kartika Tasno worked at Nickelodeon and she gave me this Patrick Star plush small size doll to me and Putri Ayuningtyas (also my bestfriend, if you watch Metro Tv a lot, you must know her name :)

now he's my travel companion
At first I didn't bring Patrick during traveling. He was just a plush doll sitting pretty at my bedroom. Then one day (I forgot how), just by sudden thought, I was thinking to bring Patrick underwater. It's me and Ferry's random thoughts of how funny if we bring Patrick when we dive and take a photo of Patrick the seastar at the sea (his homeland - err, homesea to be exact).

Patrick first encounter with salt water

Then during our trip to Bali on 2012, we brought Patrick, took him underwater and take some shots. We washed him carefully after dive, I actually wash Patrick first even before I took a bath - ha!

After the Bali trip, few times we brought Patrick during traveling but then sometimes I forgot to bring him, and a little bit shy to bring him when I'm not traveling with Ferry. It's a bit weird seeing someone take a lot of shots of her doll, eh? at least that was what I thought before.

Patrick loves being in the surface
Almost lose Patrick in Menjangan

When I took Patrick while diving, I usually put him on my chest, between the straps on my BCD (gear for diving, looking like a vest). One day during dive in Menjangan, I realize Patrick was gone, I was quite panicked thinking that he (its a doll but its a he) was gone for good.

Thankfully Ferry, who was diving at few meters more shallow than I did, seeing Patrick "floating" and in full speed going to the surface. Ferry immediately catch him, otherwise Patrick's photos will stop at Menjangan.

Stunt, Patrick's Double

Did I tell you that Kartika gave Patrick doll to me and Putri? So each of us have one same doll. On February 2014, one of my closest friends, Sofie Syarief went to England and I asked her to bring Patrick with her. Well then on the same month, I have to go to Singapore and I want to bring Patrick along but he's in England enjoying her European moment with Sofie so.. I texted Putri, asked her to borrow her "Patrick"

Patrick's "double" in Singapore Flyer
So these photos is not the usual Patrick, but Putri's. Maybe if you're really into details you can see that this Patrick is quite different, the color and fur is different since Putri's Patrick is still looking new, mine has been changing color due to a lot of exposed to the sun and salt water, ah well, just like us, human!

My Patrick loves the beach
He Bring Happiness

I noticed that whenever I take photos of Patrick at several destinations, it might bring joy or at least smile on some faces, including mine. His smiley face is a cure to heart in sorrow or a boring day. Also having too many of my face on photos will be too overloaded of narcisstic fulfilment during traveling so I replaced with Patrick sometimes, wishing that someday I can have a wall covered with photos of Patrick's journey.

This sea star can even go to the top of the snow mountain, proud!
Patrick got really excited in Sumba
Patrick in Pianemo, Raja Ampat. Big step for a starfish! And also see the sunburn on him! X)
The good thing about Patrick is he is always available to be a companion, small and handy, I can put him in my handbag and he always smile, no complaint when I put him upside down or use him as a travel pillow sometimes, maybe that's why his belly isn't as fat as it used to be. Also, I don't have to feed him (yeah, sure).

I can assure you that this star didn't waste any money in Macau
Patrick the brave
In the end, Patrick is only a doll, we all know that but that doesn't stop him from traveling. When even a doll can travel, reach several destinations and make an album of his journey, why don't you? ;)

@marischkaprue - most of the time Patrick stole the spotlights and she doesn't mind

  • Thank you Kartika Tasno, your small gift became my traveling companion :) 


Unknown mengatakan...

Sukak... Lot of smile n fun :)

Lynn mengatakan...

post ini bikin aku iri sama Patrick! :')))
him at top of snow mountain, so breathtaking!

olfix mengatakan...

where's spongebob ? :D nice pic, love it

btw I'm here by searching google cheap bali villa
, and google redirect me to here :D